Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My Daughter the Brain!

Bible: A
English: A-
Handwriting: B
Heritage Studies (history): A
Math: B
Reading: A-
Spelling: A

The teacher wrote "Julia is doing well as the work is becoming more challenging. I do not have any concerns concerning Julia's work."

The next time you see her, let her know what a peach she is! On Friday night, Susan is going scrapbooking. Julia and I are going to have a little celebration party for her good grades. I'm sure chicken nuggets and a Barbie movie are in my future!

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Monday, January 30, 2006

It's Monday!

What's up with you, dear reader? I'm not really going to do a week-end wrap up tonight. I'm just not in the mood. I played a gig on Saturday, and it went ok. It was a weird vibe, but everyone said they enjoyed us. Maybe they're just being polite.

Matt has croop. He sounds like a barking seal. He doesn't act like he doesn't feel well, though. Nat goes in to have ear tubes put in on Thursday. I'm actually a little, not worried, but, I guess concerned about the surgery. He going under a general anesthetic, so he's going under. It's the first time I've had to commit one of my kids to that. Sure, kids all over have it done all the time. But I'm taking the day off none the less.

I'm going offline now. Susan is playing some spider solitare game she's trying to beat. Good night, all, but especially Harvey.

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Saturday, January 28, 2006

MI-5 and Other Stuff

So Gina's friend Meredith put this together for us this week. She even got it sent out on Thursday, so I had it ready to go for Friday morning. And then I forgot to post it... Oh well, here it is, first thing Saturday.

1.) What individual/s has impacted your life the most for the better and why?
My Mom and Dad. They were a unit--I can't separate them. I learned so much from them. I don't think I really need to go all into it again. Look through the archive, you'll find lots of stuff about them.

2.) What individual/s have you always dreamed of meeting, what would you say to he/she, and why do you want to meet them?
I've always wanted to meet Ringo. He seems so down-to-earth. He'd be like "Let's go get some fish and chips and a spot of tea," and then I imagine you could just shoot the breeze wih him. He doesn't seem like he has a big ego. In all the interviews I've seen or read, he seems really laid back and humble.

3.) If you could snap your fingers and be anything (job-wise) that you would like - dream big here - what profession would you choose? (being indepdendently wealthy and not working at all does not count as an answer.)
I'd be playing drum for Harry Connick Jr.'s band. We'd play two or three times per week, and I'd get to be home after each show.

4.) If a private jet arrived at your house today, where would you tell the pilot to fly to and whom would you bring with you?
Susan and I would either go on a tour of Great Britiain or to Italy. (The kids could stay home for this trip!)

5.) If you were stranded on an island what 5 items would you choose to have with you for the remainder of time that you will be there? (Note: You already have survival items-logs, matches, food, water etc. - so beyond those items, what 5 things would you choose to have with you?)
A) The Bible. (Preferably a parallel Bible with King James, NASB, and NIV versions).
B) A set of burnt orange Gretsch Broadkasters with a full set of Bosphorus Jazz cymbals.
C) A solar powered iPod filled with jazz, Beatles, Hendrix, Counting Crows, Lyle Lovett, and Sarah McLachlan.
D) Trivial Pursuit
E) A little .22 good for plinking and plenty of ammo.


Reading: Jesus in the Margins
Listening to: The Glen Beck Show

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Reading, Fire Engines, and Church

So I finshed "Here Comes the Judge" last night. It was a gift from my sister. If anyone wants to borrow it, let me know. Tonight, I'll start on "Jesus in the Margins," which Gina is lending to me.

A 1930 Seagrave fire engine for auction here in Mane. Estimate? $3000 - $5000. I say it'll go way more.

Don't you just love the funny stuff that comes when you mis-hear something? What Paddy said was "Did you brew that coffee strong enough to stop an Abrams tank?" What I heard was "...to stop a Negro's clank." A Negro's clank??? What's that? Paddy and I each had our own interpretation, and they were not even close to each other!

Last night at church we had our annual business meeting. Everything went very well. Only one thing didn't have a unanimous vote, and that one thing had only one opposed vote. So that was all smooth.

Tonight's drum student wasn't feeling well, so he cancelled. I'll spend that free time doing some web site updating for a couple of clients.

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Monday, January 23, 2006

Week-End Wrap Up

So this weekend, huh? Well, let's see. Friday night I came home. No gigs. Supper and then a card game with Susan and Julia. Bed.

Saturday. I got up with the boys, and let Susan sleep in. About 8:15, though, I had to wake her as I needed to get ready for work. I pulled the nine to noon shift. Then home for a little bit. About 4pm, I started packing up for my DJ gig. I played a 30th birthday party for an old Spruce Head chum. (His older brother and I were in the same grade. He's a few years younger.) They had such a good time, they had me stay two hours later. They danced to everything. And, since it was no wedding or anything, they didn't want slow songs. Just five hours of non stop dancable music. I finished at midnight. After breaking down, getting home, and having some supper, it was almost 2am.

Sunday morning I awoke with one of the worst migraines I've had in recent memory. It was "so bad I was nausesous" ones. I took four ibuprofen, and could feel it wasn't going to work. So I pulled out the big gun: Fioricet. (Actually, I have a bigger gun: Imitrex. But at like $10/pop, I use them very rarely.) Before I left for church, I could feel it kicking in. By the time we got there, my headache was almost gone. After church, we had Mom's birthday dinner: meatloaf and mac and cheese. Susan cooked the maccaroni on the crockpot! Can you believe it? It was stupendous! In the afternoon, I played a benefit gig with Blind Al. It was the Maine Blues Society and Clear Channel raising money to help people with high fuel oil costs. So I played a set, and the drummer from Rattlebox let me use his kit--an old Gretsch. I commented to him after the gig that a) he had really nice cymbals, and b) his snare sounded really good. I mentioned that Gretsch snares often sound kinda boxy and dry. He confessed to me "It's not a Gretsh snare. It's a Tama!" A-Ha! Then we went to church in the evening, and came home to an uneventful night. Except for that dream I had about the cat...

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Friday, January 20, 2006

The tooling around town MI-5.

These questions all have a theme. The idea is to share with us where you like to do business around town. You can tell us where and then if there is any specific reason why you choose that location. As these can be short they are divided into sections relating to a certain activity so each activity might represent a few questions. As I said the answers can be short so that is why I did it like this. You can elaborate on any answers as you wish or just make them simple.

1. Time to eat...
Where do you like to shop for food? Where do you like to go out for lunch or dinner?
Shopping for food is either Hannafords or Shaws. They both have their pluses and minuses, though I would say I prefer (slightly) Shaws, but shop mostly at Hannaford (it's closer to home). I could go to lunch just about anywhere. For a nice dinner, I like The Samoset, especially the Duo of Lamb.

2. Cars...
Do you have a favorite place to fill up? Where do you like to get your repair work done? Oil changes?
I usually fill up at a Maritime Farms as I have a "nickel off per gallon" card. My work is usually done at Genuine, though I may try Mr. Tire next time around. During the summer, I usually change my own oil. In the winter, I guess I go to Prompto most.

3. Hair...
Do you have a favorite place to get your hair cut or fixed?
Mom's house!

4. Repair and service...
Do you have a favorite plummer? Carpenter? Repair service for household things?
In the past, when I needed a plumber, I used my buddy Tim, a bass player and HVAC man. When I needed stuff done around the house that I can't handle (which is most everything), I would call my former pastor Ken Anderson. I haven't needed either of them in a couple of years, though.

5. The big shopping trip...
We all head out of town from time to time to do a big shopping trip. Where do you usually go for this? Any favorite out of town stores you visit on this trip?
Portland. When I go, I like to hit The Drum Shop and an Italian restaurant. In reality, I never really need to go, though.

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fire Engine, Poe, and Randomness

A 1930 Seagrave fire engine for auction here in Mane. Estimate? $3000 - $5000. I say it'll go way more.

Don't you just love the funny stuff that comes when you mis-hear something? What Paddy said was "Did you brew that coffee strong enough to stop an Abrams tank?" What I heard was "...to stop a Negro's clank." A Negro's clank??? What's that?

I sent an ad to my radio sales rep yesterday. He's new; Hank (my old sales rep) went on to greener pastures. Anyway, this ad has music from Jazz guitarist John Schofield. So I sent it to my new rep, and I got an email back. He said "Production says this skips. Can you resend it?" It's not skipping... It's Jazz! :-)

Happy birthday to Edgar Allan Poe. Every year on this day a mysterious stranger--nicknamed the Poe Toaster--leaves three roses and a half a bottle on congac on his grave. For years, people have watched this person from outside the cemetery, letting him pay homage without interference. Until this year. It's sad they can't relish this last Poe mystery. To the current Poe Toaster: If you ever need a fill-in, let me know. I'd gladly come to Baltimore for you.

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chicken Soup in the Bible

I don't remeber exactly how it came up, but last night, on the way home from Bible study, Jim and I got into a discussion on: "Did they have chicken soup in Biblical days."

We decided that you needed two essential things to make chicken soup: a chicken, and boiling water.

We tackled the boiling water thing first. At first, we wondered if they had a vessel that could hold boiling water. Did they have metal pots as we do? Can you boil water in earthenware pots? I don't know. I figured "Hey, and earthen pot is fired in a kiln, right? It must be able to take some heat!" I also remembered the custom of the Levitical priest putting a fork in a pot of boiling sacrifice, and whatever came out on the fork was his rightful portion. So, they did have boiling water.

Next, chicken. Did they have chickens? Are chickens specifically mentioned? I remembered the story of the rooster crowing after Peter's denial of Christ, so they must've had chickens.

And yet, I can't find any actual scripture reference to chicken soup. More research must be done!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Glory Days

Let's say you were a kid back in the early '80s. And lets say when you were a kid back then you did a little breakdancing. If your co-workers ever try to convince you to show off some of your old moves in the front hall of your office building, don't fall for it! Your body doesn't work now like it did back then. Just remember those days when you were 20 years younger and 100 pounds lighter!

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Week-End Wrap Up

So Friday night, what happened? Nothing I guess. Susan made a yummy pork chop supper, and then I guess it was just bed.

Saturday I got up and made blueberry muffins for the fam. Then I went off to work at the office. I had a little meeting with a new web client in the afternoon, and then I went home and did some work on their site. In the evening, I went and picked up a pizza at Bricks. After the boys went to bed, Julia, Susan and I played a new card game she got for Christmas.

I woke up Sunday to the sound of sleet on the windows. My brother-in-law called me to tell me the roads in Spruce Head looked really slick. I called Interim Pastor Chris in Augusta (a one hour drive away) and asked him his thoughts on canceling church. He said it was snowing very hard in Augusta. So, we decided to call it off. Since my morning was now free, I made a gigantahuge breakfast for everyone: bacon, eggs, toast, hasbrowns, and coffee. I washed dishes while Susan and the boys took a morning nap. Nothing really jumps out at me what we did in the afternoon. I think we watched Madagascar. It was really quite funny! We had church in the evening--and after I ripped my car doors open from the ice, I went.

Monday. I'm off today, one of the MIS floating holidays. I made biscuits for everyone this morning. Julia and I ate ours with sausage, and Susan had hers with honey and butter. I'm planning on going to my Kiwanis meeting at lunch time, and then I have two drum lessons to teach this evening. And that's about it for me, I guess.

Watching: Madagascar--a great kid movie!
Listening to: A mix CD I made

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Friday, January 13, 2006

Gina's MI-5

1. What would you say was the biggest change you've experienced in the past year?
The death of my Dad.

2. If you could only take one memory of the past year with you into the new year, what would you choose?
Wow. That's a hard one. I guess I'd have to choose the BEST memory I have for this year, right? I mean, if you could only remember one thing, you'd want it to be a good one. Nothing is really jumping out at me.

3. Tell us one thing you learned in the past year. A new skill? A life lesson?
I "made" my very first snare drum this year, and that included drilling all the holes. That's a useful skill that few drummers have--the ability to really build their own instrument. If you miss up the drilling, you've go an extra hole for all to see. So you've got one chance to do it right. And I learned a technique to do it. I've also learned that if I lean on God, I can get through a lot. Or better, he can take me through it.

4. All things considered, would you classify 2005 as a good year or a "bad" year for you?
It was a good year. They're all good. I haven't had one yet I'd put in the "ad" column.

5. Looking forward to 2006, what thing(s) are you hoping to do, make, see differently?
What would I lke to do? Try parachuting. Make? More money than I can spend, in less time then I'm currently taking. See differently? I don't know.

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Jim ordered some old-tyme soda from this wild, "we carry weird stuff" soda place out in California. I was reminded of The Pop Shoppe, some old style soda we used to get as kids. My Uncle Ade used to run a little market in Camden. I seem to remember he would take orders for the stuff, and lots of the Spruce Head crowd would buy it by the case. (We must have been able to get a good deal on it or something.) Anyway, I remember they had Birch Beer (something I didn't like), Root Beer, Orange, Ginger Ale, and so on. Glass bottles--oh how I long for the return of glass bottles! So I googled it, and what do you know, some guy is bringing it back! Of course, it's only available in Canada. (I didn't remember it being from Canada as a kid. Maybe that's why folks could get a good deal on it?)

Reading: Whatever I can find on the Gospel of Thomas and Q
Listening to: Shawn Colvin

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Don't Tempt Fate

When was the last time you were really sick...

Um, last night! I came down with whatever ripped through the Batty househould. It's all kinds of bad, but thankfully it seems to be a 24 hour kinda thing. Only Julia has had it for two days. Matthew so far has been spared. But I had the chills, aches (spolier text ahead!), vomitting and diarrhea. I was the only one who got that last little bit. Anyway, I stayed home from church this morning. I haven't really felt like eating, but I'm a little hungry. I may try some cheesey rice in a bit.

Wow. Exciting stuff, huh. I bet you're all glad you read that.

Just Watched: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the old one)
Reading: an Alton Brown cook book my sister bought me

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Friday, January 6, 2006

"Totally Random Kids are Home Sick MI-5."

1. When was the last time you were really sick? Not head cold/sniffles thing, and not an injury, but really, really ill.
It was a long time ago. I don't really get sick. But the last time, hmm... Susan and I where married, but it was before the twins, so somwhere between two and 10 years ago, I'd say. It was a Sunday, and I had a rare Sunday gig at the WERU "Full Circle Fair" with Blind Albert. The night before I woke up, and retched up Ben and Jerry's "Phish Food" ice cream, that being the last thing I had eaten. I called Blind Al, and asked if he could find a replacement. He couldn't. I remember drinking flat ginger-ale on the way to the gig. After the gig was over, I felt much better.

2. Do you have any superstitions you do, like wishing on stars?
Every time I see a digital clock, and all the numbers are the same, I "make a wish." (It's really more like a prayer.) For years it's been the same thing--that Susan will love me forever.

My sister also introduced me another little silly thing that I try to do just to see if I can remember to do it. If, on the first day of the month, the first word you say is "rabbit," you'll have good luck all month. Of course, I don't believe in luck, but I do like to see if I can say "rabbit" first thing.

3. What was the last book you read? Why did you pick it?
The last book I read fully was "The Origin of the Bible." I picked it because I've been doing a lot of studying on Bible accuracy and translation recently. This book traces what texts were used to create which versions of the Bible, the process of translation, and other cool (well, to me at least) stuff. I feel I've got a pretty good handle on the Septuagint, the Masoretic, the Textus Receptus, and stuff like that, all thanks to this book.

4. How often do you change your windshield wiper blades? Do you have any kind of schedule?
Ask Clarke, he'll tell you! I only change my wiper blades when I get that big streak right in the middle of my viewing area. Why is it, with all the area on a windshield, the blade always streaks right at eye level?

5. How many phones do you have in your house? Which one do you use the most?
We have five phones in my house: one in the kitchen, one in the living room, one in the bedroom (usually unplugged), and two cordless ones. I try to use the one in the living room when I can. It's my 1958 Western Electric that Kyle Peterson gave to me.

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

3BD, on TV, and then I didn't go to work...

OK, so Three Button Deluxe played on TV last night. How'd it go? Ok, I guess. My mic was too loud. The bass was too soft. Because we were playing into TV mics, there were no speakers in the room. No speakers means no monitors, and that means you can't hear any singing. We're a tight enough band so we knew where we were in the tune all the time, but if someone got lost, or sang the wrong verse, the rest of us wouldn't know, because we couldn't hear each other! I don't care how loud Paddy sings, you can't here him when his back is to you, there's a bass amp on your left and a guitar amp to my right. All while playing drums of course! And the interview portion was really short, so I didn't get to mention Kitten Dagley or the Billy Rhythm Burger at the Brass Compass. Oh well, I'll mention them here!

When I arrived in Portland, as is my custom, I called home and told Susan I'd arrived safely. She informed me she wasn't felling well, had a fever and chills, and was throwing up. I felt really bad I was 1:45 away, and couldn't help. When we were done, I called again to let her know I was leaving. Now she told me Julia was sick too! I booked it for home, stopping only for supper and windsheild wash. (The snow yesterday made the roads quite goopy for travel.) When I reached Warren, my cell phone rang. Susan was wondering how far away I was, as Nathaniel had just thrown up too! Let me tell you, my night at home was just as exciting (though much stinkier) as playing on TV!

Just watched: Shooting USA, Outdoor Life Network
Listening to: Country music on the radio

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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

So here was last night's dream.

Paddy and I were in Portland, riding to a gig in White Lightnin'. We had just made a turn into the parking lot of The Drum Shop in Portland, when a red light started blinking on my dashboard. It said, I kid you not, "Danger!" There were also some green finger looking lights that blinked below the DANGER light. I looked at my gauges, and everything seemed ok--oil pressure was fine, temperature was fine. Then the DANGER light started blinking faster, and the green fingers moved to the top (instead of the bottom) of the DANGER light. Though I had no idea what was going on, I decided to shut the engine off and coast to a stop. Then, I tried to restart the truck. No dice; she was seized up solid. I popped the hood and checked the oil. Not a drop! How could I have a gauge that said I had great oil pressure, and yet have no oil at all! So I got on my cell phone and called my auto club. Paddy got on his cell, and tried to reach the owner of wherever we were playing to let him know we were gonna be late. The end.

Just Finished: Top 5 on FoodTV
Listening to: Imus in the Morning

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Monday, January 2, 2006

Spiritual Mis-Heard Earworms

So let's say you're in church, and someone requests "Let Thy Mantle Fall on Me." And then, let's say some morning at 3am you get up with one of your twin sons--the one named Matthew. And then let's say about an hour later, you can't get to sleep, and you're lying in bed. And then let's say you cross the aforementioned hymn with "Mansion Over the Hilltop." You'll then be singing "Let Thy Mansion Fall on Me" over and over again, unable to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Nice.

Also, for those of you who requested it, there are new photos of the kids in the Gallery. Enter the gallery (link on the left, there), and then click the "Latest Added" link to see all the new ones.

Just Finished Watching: 2001, A Space Odyesey
Listening to: Farewell June (a CD I got for Chirstmas)

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